SCB Manee Tunjai Business loans to ready LnwShop online merchants for e-commerce battle

  • Light monthly repayment of 350 baht per each 10,000-baht loan for smooth business continuity

In partnership with total e-commerce platform LnwShop, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) continues to promote convenient loan access with “Manee Tunjai Business Loan” for online merchants on LnwShop. The loan are available for LnwShop merchants who have been the platform member for at least 6 months with SCB account movements of a minimum of 25,000 baht/month for at least 3 months consecutively. The maximum credit limit is 300,000 baht, with light repayments at 350 baht/month for each 10,000 baht loan amount for up to 36 months. “Manee Tunjai Business loan” are unsecured loans with a simple application process, no additional documents required and no need for a guarantor. Interested LnwShop merchants have to register on LnwShop website first. Then SCB approval process takes five working days, and eligible customers will be able to apply loan and receive money through the SCB EASY app. SCB hopes Manee Express Business loans will be a choice for online merchants to help them boost their liquidity to battle the current economic hardship.

Four simple steps to apply for a “Manee Express Business loan” on LnwShop:

  1. Take a minute to register on LnwShop website
  2. SCB considers the application within five working days
  3. Merchants will receive loan application result notification via SCB LINE Connect and the SCB EASY app.
  4. Press apply loan through the SCB EASY app and receive money through the SCB EASY app.

For more information, call the SCB SME Call Center at 0 2722 2222, or visit or any SCB branch.

Source: Siam Commercial Bank

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