Visual Industry Promotion Organization Adds New Function to “Japan Creator Bank” Giving Access to Unreleased Proposals by Active Screenwriters

Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) has added a new function to Japan Creator Bank, a website which can find Japanese creators in multiple languages, to make available unreleased script proposals by Japanese screenwriters.


Script proposals in a wide variety of categories including action, adventure, comedy, romance and mystery are available both in Japanese and English for screening in Japan and abroad. With the cooperation of Japan Writers Guild and the Television and Radio Writers’ Association of Japan, VIPO has gleaned more than 50 proposals by Japanese screenwriters who are active in dramas and movies.


VIPO will increase the number of proposals available on the site on a regular basis and also plans to add proposals by other professions such as directors and producers. Please feel free to make effective use of the new function.

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– An Overview of Japan Creator Bank
Japan Creator Bank is a website which can find Japan’s top creators who are active in the Japanese entertainment industry. Users can make job offers to creators registered in the six categories: actors, voice actors, screenwriters, directors, producers and composers.

Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) operates the site. VIPO was established as a nonprofit corporation to support the growth of Japan’s entertainment and content industry. It has a track record of supporting projects which have brought Japanese creators and foreign partners together.

Japan Creator Bank:

Source: Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)

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