Unico Studio Launches Popular Brain Test Games on AppGallery

The well-loved mobile puzzle games are now available for download from Huawei’s official app marketplace AppGallery.

Offering a unique and colourful approach to fun, puzzle-based games, Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories are now available to AppGallery users.

Both popular games have over 300 million downloads collectively. Available in 19 different languages and at a global scale, Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories invite players around the world to reap the benefits of stimulative puzzle gaming. 

“Unico Studio is excited to partner with AppGallery and, since the launch of the Brain Test series, we have been getting excellent feedback from gamers all over the world,” said Erkay Uzun, Founder and CEO of Unico Studio. “Our games have some of the best ratings in their category and players have loved the Brain Test series. We share Huawei gamers’ excitement and enthusiasm and plan to make more fun games available through AppGallery in the future.” 

Brain Test – the Benefits of Puzzle Play for Huawei Users

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is a fun and challenging puzzle game featuring a series of increasingly difficult brain teasers. Designed to break common sense and bring gamers a unique brain-pushing experience, there are hundreds of different puzzles and quizzes to be completed – each accompanied by quality content and graphics. Building on the original Brain Test game’s success, Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories has been welcomed by gamers with excitement. Featuring an alternative story format, the game is perfect for fans addicted to puzzles and quizzes.

Huawei Offers Technology Support to Partners

As one of the fastest-growing global app marketplaces, Huawei’s partnership has been perfect for Unico. Huawei provided strong operational support for the Brain Test series launch, releasing both apps on AppGallery within just a few months. The games have been featured and promoted on AppGallery and across various social platforms.  Both games integrate Huawei’s innovative HMS Core, including Huawei Game Service Plug-in and Huawei IAP Kits.

“The Huawei team provided high-quality technical support during the integration process,” said Uzun. “Communication was excellent, and they provided clear guidance and feedback that helped us quickly overcome any technical issues.”

About AppGallery – One of the Top 3 App Marketplaces Globally

Launched in over 170 countries and regions, AppGallery is committed to meeting its 500 million active users’ diverse yet focused needs. The app marketplace actively seeks out partnerships with global and local developers to invite them to board the platform.

AppGallery recognises the importance and contributions of its developers and is dedicated to their success. AppGallery also provides full-spectrum operational support for developers worldwide, and several developer-centric initiatives, empowering developers to innovate further in app development.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is now available to download for free via https://appgallery.huawei.com/#/app/C102634439.

Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories is now available to download for free via https://appgallery.huawei.com/#/app/C103175337 .

For more information, please visit https://forums.developer.huawei.com/forumPortal/en/forum/devhub .

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Caption: Unico Studio Launches Popular Brain Test Games on AppGallery

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