Shell Introduces Shell Recharge, Thailand’s First EV Charger Partnering with BMW Group Thailand to Offer EV Charging Solutions

The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, in collaboration with BMW Group Thailand, invites all to experience the future of lower carbon energy solutions, by introducing “Shell Recharge,” a rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging facility for the first time in Thailand at the Shell station on Kanchanaphisek Road. The EV charger is the joint effort between two leading global companies—Shell, a leader in the energy business, and BMW, a leading auto manufacturer—to support Thailand’s E-Mobility system in response to the need for energy sustainability and the increasing domestic demand for electric cars. This new service allows drivers to charge their cars on the go at Shell’s flagship service station.

Today, Thailand is undergoing an energy transition. There is a major shift from fossil fuel to cleaner, low-carbon energy. While Thailand is already a major producer of biofuel, it is also important for the country to further develop alternative energy sources including electricity. By 2030, Thailand aims to produce at least 750,000 electric vehicles a year. Furthermore, the Thai government has announced a roadmap to make the country an EV hub within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) by 2025 and is collaborating with various parties to increase the number of EV charging stations in the country[1].

Shell develops its expertise in EV charging stations and other clean energy through the company’s expansion of more than 60,000 EV charging stations across Europe. Such expertise is extended to Thailand to respond to the country’s ambition toward energy transition.  

Mr.Ruengsak Sritanawiboonchai, Acting Executive Director – Retail Business of The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, explained the partnership, “Shell introduces a new transportation solution that is friendly to society and the environment. We bring our global experience and expertise in EV charging stations to deliver a new standard in Thailand under the brand ‘Shell Recharge.’ Our partnership with a leading global expert in electric cars, such as BMW with ‘BMW ChargeNow,’ helps strengthen our leading position in energy innovation in Thailand. Shell Recharge is set to serve as the country’s main EV charging station service provider of choice, in addition to delivering Shell’s high-quality fuels.”

Mr. Alexander Baraka, President of BMW Group Thailand, added, “BMW Group Thailand is very pleased to partner with Shell in launching these new EV chargers, as part of the long-standing BMW-Shell global partnership. Today, we are ready to join hands with Shell in delivering this solution to further realize energy sustainability for the future of transportation. As a global leader in electric mobility, we have made Thailand’s sustainable future of mobility priority to our mission. We are already offering a range of electrified vehicles in both plug-in hybrid and all-electric configurations to Thai motorists, as well as working with partners to expand the network of ChargeNow public charging stations for vehicles of any make and model since 2017. This cooperation with Shell marks the first BMW ChargeNow’s DC Quick Charger in the country and forges a solid foundation for electric mobility that allows us to further drive the adoption of electric mobility in Thailand. We look forward to developing a stronger infrastructure that sustainably paves the way to a greener future in Thailand.”

Today, Shell Recharge in partnership with BMW ChargeNow’ EV charging station has three connectors – covering two units of DC Quick Charge in CHAdeMO and CCS Type 2 sockets, which can provide 0 to 80% charge for an electric car within 30 minutes, and another one unit of AC Normal Charge, which can fully charge an electrified vehicle in about 3-4 hours. These 50 kW charging stations work with every electric car brand, including plug-in hybrids and battery electric cars. Initially, these chargers will be provided for free to Shell customers during the special introduction period, before developing a fee structure in the future.

Source: Krinbourne Kommunications