GCLSI Delivers G-Home Solar Kits to Germany’s Enpal

GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. (“GCLSI” or “the Company”) (Shenzhen:002506), a leading photovoltaics (PV) company in China, has successfully delivered an order of its G-Home Solar Kits to Enpal, Germany’s cutting-edge solar energy solutions provider. This represents a major step forward in GCLSI’s evolution in overseas markets, as it grows from a supplier of standard new energy equipment to a customized solutions service provider as well.

G-Home Solar Kit comprises GCL high efficiency modules and balance of system (BOS). As the system is pre-assembled, it simplifies installation and cuts installation time significantly. In September 2020, GCLSI signed a strategic agreement with Enpal to supply 5,000 G-Home Solar Kits. A German distributed energy company seeking to offer household new energy solutions, Enpal is an emerging force in the smart new energy industry.

“GCLSI is capturing the overall market direction with our products and services, and our current transformation reflects the important evolution that we are going through,” said Thomas Zhang, CEO of GCLSI. “Boosted by our technological advantages as well as our in-depth focus on the German market, we are very pleased to complete this delivery to Enpal and will soon bring our G-Home Solar Kit product to the broader international market.”

GCLSI’s G-Home Solar Kit is a high-quality and one-stop solution for homeowners. Its adaptable and customizable kit is able to serve a variety of roofs, facilitating set-up and installation for different customers and needs. Adopting GCLSI’s G-Home Solar Kit, with the capability to merge energy storage and home energy management systems (HEMS), enabling homeowners to capture solar energy throughout the night and serving as a smart, ecological energy solution.

GCLSI has intensified its focus on technology R&D in recent years, providing technical design services for different types and scales of PV power generation systems. It is able to leverage its complete industrial supply chain management system, offering customers the most optimal and suitable system and product solution. As it moves forward in its global expansion, GCLSI is committed to exploring broader prospects and providing even more solutions in the German clean energy market.


GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (002506.SZ) (GCLSI) is part of the GCL Group, a global energy conglomerate, China’s largest non-state-owned Energy Company with a focus on new energy, clean energy, and related services. GCL System Integration currently has operations all over the world and has five-module production bases in mainland China and one in Vietnam, with a module capacity of 8GW, and an additional 4.3GW of high-efficiency cell capacity, making it a world-class module producer. For more information, please visit https://www.gclsi.com/.

Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest