Thai Union and Kasetsart University’s Faculty of Agriculture Sign an MoU for Academic Cooperation

  • The agreement will support the production of organic vegetables for export and to the Bann Sukjai Foundation

Thai Union Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Thai Union Group PCL, and the Faculty of Agriculture Kamphaeng Sean Campus, Kasetsart University, have signed a MoU for academic cooperation to support the production of organic vegetables for export.

Under the agreement, the Faculty of Agriculture Kamphaeng Sean will provide educational and technical support for the production and processing of these vegetables, components of which will be used in Thai Union Manufacturing products for export. Thai Union Manufacturing will support educational opportunities for learning about organic farming in the field to benefit both students and local farmers.

During the one-year MOU, the university will also help Thai Union create a model farm to produce vegetables as a proof-of-concept model. If successful, the farm will enter full production.

The two parties will also collaborate on other academic areas such as research, study visits and speaking opportunities, and support other university and company activities. The Bann Sukjai Foundation, which supports disadvantaged children, will also be supported by the project through the supply of fresh vegetables.

This MOU is just another example of how Thai Union is delivering against its commitment to support the people and communities where the company operates, as this project will support local farmers in Nakorn Sawan and other provinces to develop their farms and supply vegetables to Thai Union. Vegetables from this in-house farm will also be provided to the Bann Sukjai Foundation to be used in meals for disadvantaged children.

“This collaboration will benefit not only the University and Thai Union, but also local farmers, communities in the area of Nakorn Sawan Province and elsewhere, as well as the Bann Sukjai Foundation,” said Associate Professor Pabhop Sinchayalul, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture
Kamphaeng Saen Campus, Kasetsart University.

Nakorn Niruttinanon, Managing Director at Thai Union Manufacturing, said the company was pleased to support the Faculty of Agriculture at Kasetsart University, “who will provide us with knowledge about organic vegetable production and help us to establish organic farming in Nakorn Sawan Province. This farm will help us to develop vegetable quality and production standards while supporting the local community with jobs.”

As the demand for organic food, both in human and animal products, increases, people are becoming ever more aware of the nutritional benefits of their food and that for their pets, said Pornchai Tatiyachaitaweesuk, Vice President of Thai Union’s Global PetCare Business Unit. “With our ongoing commitment to provide healthy and nutritious products to communities across the world, we have an initiative to change the vegetables currently found in pet food products to organic vegetables.”

Source: Thai Union Group

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