CMMU opens “Modern Business School” to meet continuous changes in today’s business requirements

The College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU) announced the official launch of its “Modern Business School” that offers an innovative curriculum, highlights practical business research and allows for the opportunity of building global networks. The modern business school is intended to meet today’s rapidly changing business requirements and fit the current competitive environment.

The school’s curriculum is international standards and encourages collaboration with leading institutions around the world. Offering both Thai and International programs, it combines and involves several academic disciplines, which are taught by experienced local and international faculty members as well as a network of visiting instructors who stay on the cutting edge of specialized business fields. A unique strength is that it is a center for new and exciting knowledge gained through multiple business research projects, which are destined to develop a new generation of business entrepreneurs who can keep pace with the current business environment and emerging challenges facing the business sector today and in the future.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wichita Raktham, Dean of the College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU) said “CMMU is now a leading educational institute in management. Riding on the vision of “Wisdom of the Land in Management Education”, we aim to produce high-potential business professionals for the modern business world. We expect them to be visionary businessmen, entrepreneurs, and members of the management team, and importantly, to become an active mechanism to continuously drive the business sector and leading organizations worldwide,”

She said, “The disciplines cover every business perspective, including management, marketing, and finance. We are among 5% of business schools in the world that are accredited to the AACSB International.
In 2021, CMMU aims to reflect the goal of being a “Modern Business School” and forge ahead with every change in the world through the implementation of an innovative curriculum, a network of business expert instructors, and unconventional research projects. We seek to develop course content that addresses the conditions and challenges of the New Era while anticipating tomorrow’s business needs by passing on a body of knowledge for better social and human resource development.”

The “Modern Business School” vision, according to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wichita, is based on three pillars. The modern curriculum, both at the master’s and doctorate level and for either Thai Program or International Program, must be up to date and always meets every emerging management trend. To expand educational opportunities for students and meet the multi-dimensional market demand, including academic excellence, English language skills, and many more, we currently have four programs for students to choose from. Students will learn and understand multidisciplinary management as they are provided with a wider perspective to transform ordinary people into high-calibre organizational leaders or management who perform distinctively and outstandingly as well-rounded individuals.

The second pillar is a network of business experts, which include highly proficient and experienced instructors and alumni who are ready to pass on unconventional knowledge and relevant industry updates on a timely, accurate basis. They will also collect and provide students with access to sources of business cases from leading organizations around the world. Therefore, students can learn from the sharing and the exchange of fresh ideas that help broaden their business perspectives. Realizing that today’s business world is constantly changing, this learning approach ensures the development of practical knowledge can be applied to their real-world business operations.

To be consistent with the role as an educational institute, CMMU is pioneering change in the education plan by adding essential skills for learners to learn, explore new opportunities, and adapt their thinking to evolving contexts or situations. This is called cognitive flexibility. In addition to basic cognitive skills that thrive on the unique experience of each individual, the College also adds self-management skills to make sure students can put knowledge into practice when they are outside the classroom.

Finally, the third pillar is business research. CMMU has the policy to provide a supportive environment for new and original research projects to be developed. It is because the College wants the learning approach to be relevant and connected with the changing world, and better prepares students to lead in the development of organizations effectively. Many student research projects are gaining in popularity: for example, “Marketing in the Uncertain World: Marketing for the surviving people” which takes into account factors that cause concern among Thai people and make them aware of uncertainties triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, PM2.5, and many others. One more interesting example includes “Momentum Marketing: A Look into the Mind of the Sharers and Trendsetters,” and “Vaccine Strategy: How businesses immunize themselves against threats.”

This pillar also involves building strong partnerships with international educational institutes. CMMU has an extensive range of Student Exchange Programs with leading universities around the world. These include the Double Degree Program with Macquarie University, Australia. In collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management, USA, it has launched the Strategy and Innovation for Business in Asia (SIBA) program for senior management. The purpose is to provide students with greater educational access to worldwide learning and information channels and make sure they gain a competitive advantage from learning different corporate cultures both in Thailand and abroad before setting up and running a business in the real world.

CMMU’s new teaching and learning approach for 2021 is built principally on the “Inside Out – Outside In” strategy to meet the most current needs of the business sector and quickly respond to new challenges in the future. Inside Out elements focus on individual learning that allows students to unlock their learning potential for today and the future within a campus environment that supports cultural diversity delivered by a global network of academic staff and multinational students.

Outside In elements put as much emphasis on enhancing collaboration skills. Everyone will learn through brainstorming, listening to others, and expanding perspectives on what they do in the eyes of a third person like a customer or stakeholder. This also involves strengthening alliances from both at home and abroad in conjunction with the application of the Learning Dynamics method to provide students with a practical and effective learning experience from real-world cases under three essential components including education, research, and academic services.

For more information, visit or call 02 206 2000. People interested in further study a master’s degree and a doctorate degree can apply for study from today – 24 May 2021 at

About CMMU degree

  • Thai Program (eight master’s degree courses) is as follows: 1. Business Management 2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3. Food Business Management 4. Human Capital and Organizational Management 5. Marketing 6. Management and Strategy 7. Finance 8. Health Business Management (first opened in the academic year 2021)
  • International Program (seven master’s degree courses) is as follows: 1. Corporate Finance 2. Entrepreneurship Management 3. General Management 4. Healthcare and Wellness Management 5. Marketing and Management 6. Managing for Sustainability 7. Management Research
  • Two doctoral degree courses are as follows: 1. Management 2. Sustainable Leadership

Source: JC&CO Communications