KBank wins ‘HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022 – Thailand region’, highlighting its HR strategy of creating ‘Possibility to Make an Impact’

KASIKORNBANK (KBank) has been awarded ‘HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022 – Thailand region and 10 more accolades from the HR Excellence Awards 2022 Thailand. This achievement reinforces KBank’s excellence in human resource management at the international level for its creation of opportunities which allow capable personnel to showcase their creativity and bring new successes in alignment with the “Possibility to Make an Impact” strategy for empowering its customers, with the aim of becoming a Bank of Sustainability.

Ms. Sansana Sukhanunth, KBank Executive Vice President, said, “KBank is determined to become a Bank of Sustainability with the aim of empowering every customer’s life and business. Along with this, we focus on developing new businesses through the use of innovative technologies and empowerment of a quality team to collaboratively create novel products and services. Our endeavors aim to assist our customers to overcome pain points, as customer responsiveness is of paramount importance. We always aspire to be the best place to work, learn and lead, allowing our personnel to unleash their full potential.”

Most recently, KBank won the ‘HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022 – Thailand region’ award from HR Asia – Asia’s most authoritative publication for HR professionals. The accolade was granted to the Bank in recognition of its good internal management to promote employee engagement, staff care and creation of a suitable working atmosphere, as well as promotion of a culture of teamwork.

Ms. Sansana added that, KBank believes being the most appealing place to work must start from providing capable employees a multitude of new opportunities at both the national and regional scale, where staff members can demonstrate their talents, innovate products and services, and develop their potential boundlessly. Meanwhile, they can also be in a decent environment, having opportunities to work with agreeable and competent supervisors and teams.

Several strategic projects and innovations have been devised to encourage new generations of employees to work with KBank, with emphasis on development of future skills and other skills in response to KBank’s strategies via KBank Academy. KBank has also implemented a work style that is in tune with employees’ lifestyles under the “Work That FITS” project – a flexible, hybrid work style that employees can design with their supervisors, so that they can better manage their own lives, while being able to deliver outcomes and ensuring data and system security in their work. Additionally, it is KBank policy to take care of all our employees, and ensure that they share the organization’s goals, their work is meaningful, and they enjoy appropriate remuneration.

Moreover, KBank and KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG) have received a total of 10 HR Excellence Awards 2022 Thailand from Human Resources Online in Singapore, in recognition of outstanding human resource management as seen in excellent change management, leadership development, and employment management during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the promotion of employees’ quality of working life and the well-being of both organizations. These awards are as follows:

  1. Overall HREA Winner, the most prestigious award, given to the organization with the most outstanding performance in human resource management at the organizational and individual levels.
  2. HR Leader of the Year, Gold Level, was awarded to Ms. Sansana Sukhanunth, KBank Executive Vice President, in recognition of her determination and dedication to personnel development so that KBank’s employees can make an impact on the organization and that their well-being is secure.
  3. Excellence in HR Change Management, Gold Level, in recognition of KBank and KBTG’s efforts in promoting agile operations among employees so that they can brace for rapid changes in alignment with business needs.
  4. Excellence in Workforce Flexibility, Gold Level, in recognition of KBank and KBTG’s efforts in promoting employees to be more flexible under the hybrid working mode via the “Work That FITS” project.
  5. Excellence in Work-Life Harmony, Bronze Level, in recognition of KBank and KBTG’s efforts in encouraging employees to enjoy a work-life balance under the aspects of well-being, physical health, mental health and finances, while also holding effective meetings to support employees in creating their improved work-life balance.
  6. Excellence in Leadership Development, Bronze Level, in recognition of KBank’s efforts in developing executives based on leadership values ​​so that they are well-prepared in leading the organization and working teams to achieve their business goals.
  7. Employer of the Year, Bronze Level, in recognition of KBank’s efforts in being the best place to work, learn and lead.

    Additionally, KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG) received three awards:
  8. Excellence in Employer Branding, Gold Level, for the second consecutive year: An award for organizations that create a distinctive brand image to be well-known and attract top talents.
  9. Excellence in Workforce Mobility, Gold Level: An award for organizations that provide comprehensive solutions to support the working style of ‘work from anywhere’.
  10. Excellence in Employee Engagement, Silver Level: An award for organizations that develop an excellent engagement program in response to ideas/opinions shared by employees, as it fosters a corporate culture of employee empowerment.


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