“1112 Delivery” launches “Best Price Guarantee” campaign for 7 famous chains in Minor Food, raising standards to promise 30-min fast delivery

1112 Delivery is underlining its leadership of the delivery market, with over 20 years at the service of consumers. It has achieved massive success as the best platform with the strategy Best Deal – Best Service – Best Experience. Now 1112 Delivery has launched its “Best Price Guarantee” campaign. It is the first and only Thai delivery provider to offer consumers incredible value when ordering from any of Minor Food’s renowned 7 brands on the 1112 Delivery app, or through the website www.1112delivery.com. The company is highlighting its high service standard with guarantees of hot food delivery within 30 minutes, with a cutting-edge system designed specifically to get tasty food directly to consumers. The company also values consumer participation to access the service and enhance the effectiveness of the 1112 Delivery platform, and seeks to reinforce the perception of 1112 as the delivery brand preferred by consumers. The campaign aims to generate growth by expanding the company’s customer base to encompass young people, working people and families, to cover every segment. The campaign is expected to stimulate sales growth on the delivery platform by 30%. Consumers will be able to try the new value guarantees nationwide between 6 September to 5 October 2022.

Thunyachate Ekvetchavit, Chief Operating Officer – The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, revealed that Minor Food is a leader as the biggest food service delivery provider in Thailand. It will continue to develop products and services which maintain the company’s high standards of a tasty experience from either its food outlets or direct home delivery. The 1112 Delivery business has been spun off as a separate brand of Minor Food, which has shown continuous growth. The app has been developed to meet the needs of consumers who prefer to order food for home delivery. The 1112 Delivery service has brought together 7 hit chains operated by Minor Food – The Pizza Company, Bon Chon, Sizzler, Burger King, Swensen’s, Dairy Queen and The Coffee Club – alongside partner chains such as S&P, Urban Pizza, BreadTalk, Song Fa, Sergeant Kitchen, Esan Zaap Zaap, etc., all of which are widely trusted by consumers. As such, 1112 Delivery is a Minor Food brand which is a highly efficient platform.
“The delivery market is currently on a trend of continuous growth, from both traditional consumer segments and new groups who are increasingly experimenting with online ordering. The crucial factor enabling Minor Food to focus on delivery is a robust strategy to build in strengths responding to consumers who have become familiar with ordering food for delivery, by making delivery more widespread. Ownership of restaurants can be leveraged to accurately meet consumers’ needs, particularly in the matter of service speed and convenience. This includes maintaining product standards so that the food is hot off the cooker, while insight into consumer behaviour enables a proposition which is the answer to their wishes. Apart from this, there are ongoing plans to engage new partners to generate new business opportunities, and develop a wider variety of food offerings from chains in Minor Food group, including continuous promotions and other marketing activities customized for the delivery segment, and which fulfil the demands of every consumer group nationwide,” said Thunyachate.

Patt Pongwittayapipat, General Manager of The Pizza Company and Food Delivery (1112 Delivery) under the operation of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited. commented, “The key factor enabling our 1112 Delivery brand to grow so strongly is being the best platform to meet consumers’ needs. Our strategy of the “Best Deal” offers products and services to customers with the best value. This now comes with the launch of our “Best Price Guarantee” campaign, which is a marketing activity specifically for the delivery market. We are the first and only delivery company in Thailand for consumers to be confident of getting the best price when they order food on our delivery platform. This covers seven famous brands operated by Minor Food, which are offering both single dishes and participating combo sets. If the same food item is discovered on another platform which is cheaper, this earns an immediate discount of up to 100 baht at the next delivery on 1112 Delivery. The campaign invites consumers to prove the value of our Best Price Guarantee, nationwide from 6 September to 5 October 2022. This campaign launch is expected to stimulate sales on the on the delivery platform to grow by 30%.”

In addition, the company also gives priority to “Best Service”, a service standard for consumers to get maximum satisfaction, particularly with the guarantee for 30 minutes fast delivery with a modern and efficient back-office system. This enables us to control quality at every step of the process, from taking an order through the ordering channels of 1112 Delivery and cooking the food with the best, freshest, cleanest, and safest ingredients, to preparing delivery of every item to the consumer within the scheduled time. Packaging keeps food hot with a hot bag and electric heat plate which maintains the quality of the food, as if it was fresh out of the oven. Quality control also applies to over 3,000 delivery personnel who have been trained to the brand’s standards, and who are ready to deliver anywhere in 75 provinces. Therefore, we are confident that every menu item served up by our delivery services will provide the same taste experience as eat-in dining. We have also inaugurated a project of adding electric motorbikes to our delivery fleet, to keep up with green delivery trends and help save the planet.

In the big picture of 1112 Delivery in 2022, the number one channel preferred by consumers is our 1112 app, which has now been downloaded over 2.5 million times. Next are our website and our 1112 Call Center. All of them underline the “Best Experience” which is at the heart of 1112 Delivery’s success in matching modern consumers’ needs. As 2022 comes to an end, there are plans to boost the potential of our delivery channels by adding new features. This includes strengthening the brand’s loyalty program to support users efficiently by responding to their requirements. We also have a pipeline of marketing activities to stimulate consumption and expand our target base of consumers, who currently include young people, working people and families. We are also looking for new business opportunities through business partnerships to offer more services and develop the resilience of our 1112 delivery platform to deliver the Best Experience to consumers, concluded Patt.

For details and conditions of the “Best Price Guarantee” campaign, consumers can visit www.1112delivery.com or Facebook: 1112 Delivery.

Source: JC&CO Communications