Bridgestone Wins “No.1 Brand Thailand 2021-2022 Award by Marketeer Magazine”, Reinforcing Its Leadership in the Tire Market for 11th Consecutive Year

Bridgestone reinforces its excellence as a tire market leader, reflecting the strong brand image that has been in the hearts of consumers for a long time by winning “No.1 Brand Thailand 2021-2022 by Marketeer Magazine” in the tire category. The company wins this award for the 11th consecutive year, resulting from the Nationwide Consumer Opinion Survey*.

Mr. Bundit Chantarakana, Operational Marketing Division Manager of Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., was the Company’s representative to receive this honorary award. The “No.1 Brand Thailand 2021-2022” award was from a survey result asking opinions of people across the country by Marketeer Magazine. Bridgestone has continuously won this award for the 11th consecutive year. On this special occasion, Mr. Bundit Chantarakana stated, “On behalf of Bridgestone, we are grateful for the confidence that customers have placed in us and always put their trust in the Bridgestone brand. We are committed to our customer-centric approach, listening to customers’ needs and studying behavior and insights. We are ready to offer solutions through innovations and strategies for both consumer and commercial products. Our goal is to provide excellent quality products and technology with a nationwide service network, which includes a call center 24 hours a day to give our customers peace of mind on every journey with Bridgestone. We also tailor our services by implementing online technology and social media to fit the customers’ lifestyles.

To meet the needs of all business alliances in commercial products, we offer a professional tire management solution that can be retrieved anytime for users to plan tire management effectively. This will help prolong the tire’s lifecycle, reduce costs, and increase safe driving. 

Recently, Bridgestone has launched “Choose Bridgestone, Don’t WORRY go CRAZY” campaign by producing 3 video clips for online channels highlighting the journey of car users who choose 3 models from the Bridgestone lineup of quality tires to satisfy all their needs. The campaign coveys that customers search for everything, including tires that help them make decisions, and many sources can lead them to be confused. They will ensure all their needs by choosing Bridgestone tires. Furthermore, the customers will get inspired by the information and they can go crazy living. All video clips come with special promotions for the customers. Bridgestone promises to develop products and services for safety and create user superior experience to win the hearts of Thai customers forever.”

Source: ADK Thai