Gushcloud International signs on Bored Ape – Champ Medici for representation, and teases a strategic Web3 investment fund with its owner Cordell Broadus

Gushcloud International announces strategic move into Web3 today by signing on Champ Medici, a Bored Ape owned by Cordell Broadus (top crypto entrepreneur and investor, Snoop Dogg’s son). The signing will see Champ Medici explore opportunities globally in music, gaming and consumer products, as well as licensing deals. The signing will also provide opportunities for Asian brands to jump into Web3 should they partner up with Champ Medici, a Bored Ape that already has a massive amount of influence in the space.

Created by Yuga Labs, Bored Ape Yacht Club known colloquially as BAYC was first released as a set of 10,000 computer-generated cartoon ape avatars in April 2021. A second set of Mutant Apes followed, selling out in less than an hour and generating more than $90 million in gross receipts. In September 2021, a bundle of 101 Bored Apes went for $24 million at an auction. Individual apes are sold on the Ethereum blockchain — the current minimum price for a single ape is 39.69 ETH or nearly $140,000 —  and have drawn such notable collectors as Steph Curry, Marshmello, Snoop Dogg and his son, Cordell Broadus. 

“As a crypto entrepreneur that has been vested in this space for a long time, and has also assisted in navigating many music artists including my father (Snoop) into the community; I am now excited to work alongside Gushcloud International to represent my ape, Champ Medici in all territories and formats. Gushcloud is a global company with offices in 11 countries and access to both domestic and global brands which can partner up with Champ Medici to maximize the project’s potential and achieve our collective goals. Beyond that, as partners now with Gushcloud, we will also be releasing a Web3 investment fund targeted towards investing in founders that are building companies in blockchain and crypto, to push forward our combined future in Web3,” says Cordell Broadus.

In the last couple of months, Cordell Broadus and Gushcloud have also worked together to create and throw a pop-up event called The Champ Medici Lounge that has happened at the Coachella Weekend 1 and most recently at mega club Marquee to kick off the NFT NYC week. Both events have attracted the likes of key crypto investors and sponsors like Klaytn, CLV, Bixin Ventures, NSMG, Ethsign, and more. Celebrities and influencers like G-Eazy, Steve Aoki, Russell Simmons, Aoki Lee Simmons, Nicole Scherzinger, Bia and Bretman Rock also turned up for them. 

“Partnering up with Cordell Broadus and his team has given us key insights to what the future of Web3 looks like as they are at the forefront in the industry. At Gushcloud, it provides us a deeper understanding to develop more branded opportunities and marketing solutions for creators and brands who would like to enter the Web3 world, which seems daunting for many. Hence, our first step was to partner with an inspiring entrepreneur like Cordell who has successfully navigated his father, Snoop into the metaverse seamlessly,” says Althea Lim, Co Founder, Group CEO Of Gushcloud International.

She adds, “Being able to represent Cordell’s ape (Champ Medici) for branded opportunities is such an exciting opportunity for us especially when there is so much community love for the BAYC project. In the upcoming months, we will see pop-up events, restaurants, consumer goods, and projects in the metaverse partnering with Champ Medici. We want to speak with as many brands, partners, and talent in Asia so we can assist in the navigation of your brand with Champ Medici into Web3.”

Gushcloud International and Cordell Broadus also teased an upcoming investment fund that both parties are launching called Welcome To The Block ( The fund aims to invest in founders that are focused on building the next generation of companies focused on blockchain, crypto, and Web3. Because of Gushcloud’s influence in Asia, the fund will also provide equal opportunities towards Asian founders based outside of America. 

Recently, Gushcloud International has also represented key reality stars of the hit Netflix show, Bling Empire, namely Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li, and Cherie Chan. 

Source: Gushcloud Thailand