Central Retail Wins Global Best Employer Brand Awards 2022

Central Retail, with great pride and joy, received ‘Global Best Employer Brand Awards 2022’ from the Employer Branding Institute and World HRD Congress, leading human resource organizations with a vast network of HR professionals convening to strengthen human resources practices and businesses. This award is given to an organization with excellent human resource management that creatively enhances the potential of employees and organization.

Panchalee Weeratammawat, Chief People Officer, Central Retail Corporation PCL said, “At Central Retail, we are determined to help employees develop to their full potential by inspiring a ‘Digital First Culture’. We focus on improving digital learning for our employees in three countries: Thailand, Vietnam, and Italy, using modern technology so that they could work in a hybrid environment from anywhere, strengthening our organization and preparing employees with the future skill set they need to overcome challenges.”

This includes employee development plans designed to respond to rapid and unexpected changes, based on the ’70:20:10′ principle, which entails On-the-Job Training (70%), Coaching and Mentoring (20%), and Online-Offline Training (10%). In the COVID-19 era, the company prioritizes the ‘Anytime-Anywhere’ method of integrated learning, which connects various learning channels, both online and offline.

Furthermore, the company also puts a lot of emphasis on employee development throughout an employee life cycle starting from providing a comprehensive onboarding program from the first day employees join the organization to management and leadership development programs for talents across organization aiming at building a winning team and making the organization a “great place to work for all.”

“On behalf of Central Retail, we would like to express our gratitude and honor for receiving this esteemed award from the Employer Branding Institute and World HRD Congress. This is yet another accomplishment and motivation for us to keep focusing on human resource development. This award would not have been possible without the power of creativity and cooperation of all Central Retail employees and contributors from all sectors. This demonstrates our success as Thailand’s leading retailer and people-centric organization.

Throughout the years that our company has been in business, Central Retail is committed to improving employee development at all levels, from enhancing employees’ quality of life under good governance to planning career growth and promoting career advancement by unleashing employees’ potential. We believe that people are the cornerstone that will drive CRC Retailligence as a strategy for the organization’s success in becoming Thailand’s most completely conceived omnichannel platforms and Asia’s number one retail leader in the next five years.” Panchalee concluded.

Source: JC&CO Communications