‘Ngern Tid Lor’ goes forward to appoint ‘Investment Committee’ To fortify strength in business expansion, support growth plan

“Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited” further strengthens business expansion to support growth plans, through the appointment of the “Investment Committee’ to support the consideration of investment plans in various areas so as to promote efficiency involving investment in related businesses both domestically and internationally, to increase capability as well as the investments in mergers and acquisitions to create exponential growth.

Mr. Piyasak Ukritnukun, Managing Director of Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited (TIDLOR), revealed that as the Company has the policy to aggressive expand the businesses to strengthen and increase the potential for continuous growth following the fund raising and the listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in the middle of 2021, the Company is therefore appointing the Investment Committee to serve as a sub-committee to oversee the consideration of investment plans in various areas and efficiently manage investments in accordance with the established policies. These include investments in the expansion of businesses related to current core businesses both in Thailand and abroad, for improved operational capability and promote strength for the Company in various fields, which may be in the form of investments in mergers and acquisitions to support growth, etc. The six members of the Investment Committee are as follow:

  1. Mr. Patara Yongvanich Chairman of the Investment Committee
  2. Mr. Supawat Likittanawong Member, Investment Committee
  3. Mr. Piyasak Ukritnukun Member, Investment Committee
  4. Mr. Nathapol Luepromchai Member, Investment Committee
  5. Mr. Elcid Vergara Member, Investment Committee

Mr. Patara Yongvanich, Chairman of the Investment Committee, said, “I am confident that the entire committee members’ knowledge, expertise and experience in relations to investment management will lead the company to achieve growth goals that are in line with the Company’s stated vision as well as creating added value for the Company and shareholders through investment in business expansions that will create stable and sustainable growth in the long term. And when combined with Ngern Tid Lor’s knowledge of technology in various fields and the strength of the Company who is the leader in the lending business with vehicle title loan provider as collateral along with being a leading operator in the insurance brokerage business, I am sure that we will be able to leverage long-term sustainable growth under the strategy to invest cautiously and wisely for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Mr. Piyasak added that the Company believes that the appointment of the Investment Committee will be a major factor to support the laying of the foundation of Ngern Tid Lor’s business operation to become further strengthened resulting in the Company’s exponential growth emanating from the two current core businesses, namely, vehicle title loan provider which the Company is the current market leader, and the insurance brokerage business with the goal to become the leader in insurance brokerage for small businesses.

“At present, we are well prepared to expand investment to create continuous growth, along with the consideration of the plans to invest in the business of vehicle title loan provider and the insurance brokerage business which are the current core businesses of Ngern Tid Lor, along with the investment in related businesses both in Thailand and abroad under the ‘strategic investment’ format for tandem growth. Also to be considered are investments in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to promote capability and strength. To achieve those ends, the Investment Committee has been appointed to consider various investment plans within the policy framework and acceptable risk level to allow the Company to grow strongly and sustainably,” Mr. Piyasak concluded.

Businesses both in Thailand and abroad that have realized that the technology and business experience of Ngern Tid Lor can be mutually beneficial for business cooperation, may contact the Company through email at Strategic.Investment@tidlor.com, or learn additional details of Ngern Tid Lor at www.tidlor.com.

Source: MT Multimedia Company