Ninja Van Thailand forms major alliance with SABUY Group The logistics provider will be partnering with four brands under The SABUY Group, including its private postal group service and SABUY Maxi.

Ninja Van Thailand, Southeast Asia’s leading logistics provider, forms a major alliance with the private postal group service under SABUY Group, expanding its network and service channels to include over 8,000 branches from the Group, and providing coverage throughout Thailand. To start the partnership, Ninja Van will start rolling out special promotions for Shipsmile. Other brands will be launched in January next year to further strengthen the express logistics business and in turn fully cater to customers’ requirements. In addition, Ninja Van Thailand has also signed an insurance deal with SABUY Maxi to provide coverage for both its personnel and parcels.

Adzim Halim, Regional Director of Ninja Van Group, said, “Ninja Van Thailand is delighted to partner with the SABUY Group. My first encounter with the Group was the vending machines set up within our distribution centres. We found rather interesting the various businesses with great potential of the SABUY Group ranging from financial transaction service, online top up kiosks, vending machines, food court management system, and retail management system (POS) to parcel delivery post shops which is a solid business that enormously benefits Ninja Van’s customers.”

“That’s the reason why we decided to partner with the SABUY Group. More importantly, we saw the opportunity to expand our networks and increase service channels to enable our customers to enjoy an easier, more convenient and faster parcel delivery service through SABUY Group’s private postal network which comprises 4 brands and 8,000 branches throughout Thailand. We will kickstart our services at Shipsmile, followed by Plus Express, The letter post and Point Express in January 2022.

Narisara Kongcharoensukying, Head of Commercial of Ninja Van Thailand said, “At present, we have a total of 220 parcel delivery PUDO stores in central, western and eastern regions. We are committed to help our customers by providing them with technological support and personal customer service. From this partnership with SABUY Group, aside from greater service accessibility, we anticipate an increase in volume of Ninja Van’s parcel delivery; and we are well prepared to offer the best service at the best rates as a result of our solid express logistics basic structure. For the month of December, customers who use the services of Shipsmile can enjoy special promotions such as a starting delivery price of 16 baht for parcels weighing less than 3 kilos and overall size not exceeding 80 centimetres and long distance deliveries.”

Wirach Morakotkarn, Chief Commercial and Investment Officer of SABUY Technology Public Company Limited added, “In forming a partnership with Ninja Van Thailand we saw the potential in our two companies growing together because SABUY Group has also continuously invested in parcel delivery business. We have altogether 4 brands and more than 8,000 branches and we are delighted that Ninja Van Thailand has become our postal partner in parcel delivery service within the whole SABUY network. Aside from this, Ninja Van Thailand has joined the SABUY Ecosystem via SABUY Maxi, finance broker arm of SABUY, who will present insurance products suitable for Ninja Van staff. SABUY Maxi Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. has divided its insurance plan for Ninja Van Thailand into 2 groups: Corporate business insurance with emphasis on various risks, e.g., risk in Ninja Van’s logistics business, property and warehouse insurance, third party insurance, business interruption insurance, insurance of delivery vehicles, and delivery service insurance to enhance confidence amongst customers. The second group is insurance for Ninja Van staff. SABUY Maxi has drawn up an insurance policy as a special employee welfare for the staff as well as their families including insurance for car (compulsory and voluntary), home, personal accident, cancer amongst others. SABUY Maxi is working in cooperation with various leading insurance companies to provide protection conditions, value insurance premium at special rates, up to 50% savings as well as numerous benefits starting from 1 January 2022.”

Korkiat Wattanakasikul, Head of Channel Management of SABUY Technology Public Co., Ltd., said, “Currently, our company has 4 brands in the parcel delivery service and more than 8,000 branches throughout the country:

1) Shipsmile (5,000 branches)
2) Plus Express which witnessed a swift expansion in the number of branches, and only after 3 months of launching, it recently opened its 1,111th branch
3) The letter post store (820 branches)
4) Point Express (850 branches)”

“We are excited to add Ninja Van Thailand to our portfolio of postal brands within the SABUY Group, and this partnership will enable them to expand its delivery volume as high as 8,000 branches throughout the country within a short period of time to meet the needs of customers.”

“With our vision and a partner who is poised to take a leap in the same direction as us and prepared to grow together, this partnership is a positive starting point and a significant step towards raising the standards of our delivery services which will enable us and our partner to grow from strength to strength and achieve our future goals,” said. Mr. Adzim.

Aside from this in order to build on the business in general, the management of SABUY Technology Public Company Limited has given permission to set up the following:

  • SABUY Digital Company Limited, to study and invest in digital assets and other digital businesses to support SABUY’s ecosystem.
  • SABUY Accelerator Company Limited, to study and invest in various innovations to upgrade product quality and service under SABUY’s ecosystem
  • SABUY POS Company Limited, to invest in and develop Point of System
  • SABUY Speed Company Limited, to use in investment in Drop-off and related businesses.

About Ninja Van Thailand
Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express logistics company providing hassle-free delivery solutions of all sizes across Southeast Asia in 6 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. In Thailand, we are dedicated to providing assistance and resources to better cater to the unique needs and wants of both small and large scale shippers alike – SME partners in particular. Ninja Van Thailand’s priority is to take the hassle out of the parcel delivery so that our shippers can focus on their business growth.
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About SABUYTechnology Public Company Limited or “SABUY”
SABUY Technology Public Co., Ltd. or “SABUY” was established in 2014 to extend financial services (Fintech Platform) by developing a system which would suit the needs of Thais under the Sabuy
Technology ecosystem serving customers from the community to the mass population by its own system developers. SABUY welcomes various businesses to join the SABUY Group ecosystem from Top-up Machine, Vending Machine, Food Court System and POS and CRM and Loyalty Program and has quickly expanded to other businesses such as e-wallet, money transfers within the country and overseas, parcel delivery franchise service “Shipsmile”, Plus Express, The letter post and Point Express. Recently SABUY has penetrated into online shopping with SABUY Food Plus and has started offering service in the supply chain. Based on all these services provided by SABUY the company’s goal is to be able to service 50 million users or more than 50 million transactions per month. For more information, please check out

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