Central Retail Wins Two Accolades, Recognised for its Innovation and Employer Excellence in Asia

Central Retail has once again announced its success with 2 honorable regional awards, namely the Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2021, the award that celebrates the excellence of human resource and the 2021 IDC Future Enterprise Awards Thailand – the greatest innovation award throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The category of “Best Employer Award” under the Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2021 by the Employer Branding Institute, a leading human resource organization from India, is the award that selects outstanding organizations with prominent management throughout 38 countries across Asia.

The category of “Best in Future of Work” under the 2021 IDC Future Enterprise Awards Thailand by The Future Enterprise Award Singapore, a renowned global provider of market intelligence and advisory services, is the award that recognizes innovative organizations or projects that showcase forefront initiatives known as one of the largest innovation awards throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Central Retail was honorably awarded under the invention of the C-Coin Application- based on blockchain technology, a reward management tool that establishes stronger employee engagement as well as promoting cooperation among employees willingly and voluntarily within the organization. The application consists of a C-Coin Wallet and a digital currency that can be used as a substitute for cash for restaurants, products, and services partners under Central Retail. The digital currency is given to employees as a reward for their hard work or their generosity in the workplace. Apart from this, there is an attendance check-in that matches the new normal working lifestyle.

Piyawan Leelasompop, Head of Corporate Marketing, Central Retail Corporation PCL said “On behalf of Central Retail, we would like to say that we are absolutely honored and thankful to be receiving these two prestigious awards. This is another milestone and an encouragement for us to continuously make unremitting efforts on personnel development and innovation of Central Retail, to elevate the Thai retail industry as equivalent to the global level. We are committed to empowering our employees through diverse training courses and leading to great innovation that perfectly matches the ever-changing consumers’ lifestyle. Apart from the success of the C-Coin application, we are also a leader in omnichannel platform development by adopting avantgarde technologies that provide seamless shopping experiences to our customers in every circumstance. These frameworks have proven upon the company’s openness towards the opportunities and challenges bound to encounter. We are ready to step forward to truly become a customer-centric Tech-Company.

These awards wouldn’t be possible without the dedication, mutual support and creativity of every Central Retail employee that worked as one to establish the company’s reputation and put the company in the spotlight on these international stages again. Being recognized as one of the best organizations to work for in Asia, we will continue to encourage personnel development and innovation that synchronizes with the rapid changes of the digital world, while driving business forces forward in all dimensions.” Piyawan concluded.

About Central Retail
Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited or Central Retail is a leader in retail business in Thailand and is a flagship in retail businesses, which has paved the foundation for the Central Group. It has 3,687 shops under different retail brands (information as at 30th June 2021), with products in multi-categories, such as department stores, convenience stores, specialty shops, supermarkets, hyper-markets, plazas, and online product sales on the Omni Channel Platform. Businesses of Central Retail cover 4 categories, namely, (1) Fashion Category, emphasizing attires and accessories sold at Central Department Stores, Robinson Department Stores, Super Sports Shops, Central Marketing Group (CMG) and Rinascente; (2) Hardline Category, emphasizing on electronic goods and household decoration and restoration goods, sold in Thaiwatsadu, Baan and Beyond, Power Buy, Nguyen Kim, Office Mate, B2S and Meb (E-Books); (3) Food Category, emphasis on fresh products, household and kitchen appliances, in Central Food Hall, TOPS Market, TOPS Daily, Family Mart, Big C/Go! and Lanchi Mart; and (4) Property Category, emphatic of letting retail spaces to be rented by third parties and shops in the department stores in the group, under the names of Robinson Lifestyle Center, TOPS Plaza and Big C/Go! As at 30th June 2021, Central Retail has shops in 54 provinces of Thailand, 39 provinces of Vietnam and principal cities throughout Italy (information as at 30th June 2021).

Source: JC&CO Communications