THAIGROOVE is back better and bolder

A virtual multi-brand showroom experience offering great creations to the world.

With COVID-19 in its second year, global businesses and trades have gone virtual. Even with the pandemic, Thailand, one of the world’s best sources of great products and impressive brands, is open for business and offering creative products.

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), under the Ministry of Commerce, launched THAIGROOVE.COM in 2020. It’s a virtual showroom that connects buyers from around the globe with the very best Thai brands and creators. Building on its success, THAIGROOVE 2021 now offers more brands of creative products on one seamless trading platform.

Mr. Nantapong Chiralerspong, Deputy Director-General, said: “The future of trade is virtual and a well-designed trade experience is key. We’ve taken THAIGROOVE.COM to another level, showcasing close to 200 leading Thai lifestyle creators offering the latest collections of products. International buyers and trade partners will find the perfect brands to drive growth for 2021 and beyond. There’s no end to the Thai creative spirit.”

With close to 200 curated Thai brands waiting, go on an exciting creative discovery under the theme “Let’s GROOVE and Live Fully!” with new partnership opportunities at every encounter:

  • Selected certified quality brands from food to well-being, furniture and fashion to cool lifestyle creators.
  • Packed with beautiful rich content.
  • Inspiring yet easy navigation by brands, by categories, or by collections.
  • Connect directly with the brand makers.

Don’t miss a 5-day meet-the-makers event on THAITRADE.COM from 29th November to 3rd December 2021. Meet close to 200 Thai makers and brands showcasing their latest creations. Visit to register.

The THAIGROOVE.COM virtual showroom will unveil exciting new brands with six new LIVE FULLY collections on September 15th, 2021. Explore the six concept collections that highlight the spirit of living fully:

MINDFULLY: Caring for the mind matters for well-being. The Mindfully collection features wellness solutions that will put mindfulness back into peoples’ lives.

TASTEFULLY: Tasty Thai food products from flavorful spices to wholesome snacks, natural honey and coconuts, and ready meals.

JOYFULLY: Add a spark of joy to daily life with quirky decorative items, games and toys, fun fashion, and colorful crafts.

BEAUTIFULLY: Beautiful jewelry meets beautiful wellness creations, innerwear, and crafted accessories to bring pleasure and beauty into everyday living.

ARTFULLY: This collection features unique home décor designs, artful accessories, stationery, and pottery where traditional crafts are designed for cutting-edge living.

PURPOSEFULLY: Creations that speak volumes but take the planet and communities seriously. From fashion to wellness and home décor, all with a purpose.

Visit THAIGROOVE.COM – a virtual platform that is always ready for business and open for exciting new trade partnerships. Watch for additions of selected brands and exciting content. Join the groove with a truly global reach from Thailand to the world.


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Caption – Thailand’s virtual multi-brand showroom experience bringing great creations to the world.

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Caption – Explore the six collections in THAIGROOVE’s virtual showroom & Live Fully!

Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest