“TKS” and SABUY develop Strong Synergy to expand their businesses in digital era

T.K.S. Technology Plc. (TKS) and Sabuy Technology Plc.(“SABUY”) revealed their Business directions after jointly investing in TBSP Plc. (“TBSP”), a Plastic card and e-Wallet Plastic Card Business. “TKS” also invests in SABUY. Both Group of Companies plan to generate added value in their businesses to capture Customers demand in the cashless digital society.

Mr. Supant Mongkolsuthree, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, T.K.S. Technology Plc. (TKS) says that “ Partnering with “SABUY” shows that TKS adjusts its Business Direction to focus on Technology-based businesses. This will take the existing development to the next level. There are 3 major parts.1.

“IT Ecosystem” under Synex (Thailand) Plc. (“Synnex”) which has over 6,000 Sales Channels. 2. “ Tech Platform” under Gofive Co., Ltd. (“Gofive”) which focuses on digital transformation to transform the organization to digital company 3. “Security & fulfillment solutions” under “”TKS”” and its subsidiaries focus on bringing new innovation and technology to expand the business. By Investing in SABUY, we expand into “Fintech Ecosystem” and other businesses under SABUY group. We hope that our Business Cooperation will create a good and sustainable return for shareholders.

In addition, Ms. Sutida Mongkolsuthree, Chief Executive Officer, Synex (Thailand) Plc. (“Synnex”), one of Thailand’s Leading IT Ecosystem comments on joining business with “SABUY” that “The Business Cooperation between “TKS” and SABUY will enable Synnex to expand its sales channels to include Automatic Vending Machine. This will benefit its over 6,000 sales outlets nationwide, Synex will also expand into Payment System and Customer Loyalty Program using Loyalty points under SABUY Ecosystem. Moreover, Synex can bring its various IT Solutions to support SABUY businesses, thus strengthening Synnex ’s Business Growth potential.”

Mr. Jutiphan Mongkolsuthree, Managing Director, T.K.S. Technology Plc. (“”TKS””) says that “ The Business partnership of “TKS”, TBSP and SABUY will create new ways to do business and new business channels. It also bring new dimension to “TKS”‘s Printing and Plastic Card Business. We will gain access to new customer base in the electronics money and the Food Court business, which are SABUY’s business partners. Meanwhile, TBSP will expand into the fast-growing Automatic Vending Business in this Digital Economy. This partnerhsip fits well into “TKS”’s new Vision to become part of Tech Ecosystem.”

Mr. Chookiat Rujanapornpaje, Chief Executive Officer of Sabuy Technology Plc. talks about this business partnership.

“Sabuy Technology Plc. is honored to partner with “TKS” Group of Companies. The main reason we decide to join with “TKS” is that “TKS” strongly values and understand Technology. SABUY believes we can expand our customer base under SABUY ecosystem such as Vending Plus Co., Ltd.’s Automatic Vending Business, Sabuy Solutions and Retail POS Business, e-commerce and Supply chain Management, Lending and Insurance and Sabuy Money, an e-wallet business. We can expand our ecosystem to cover factories, schools and universities and “TKS”’s business partners and customers.”

“This deal will enable both groups to share experiences and resources in developing new innovation in payment system, e-commerce, ICT and IOT Operating system which have tremendous potential. This cooperation is a major turning point for both “TKS” and SABUY groups to move forwards faster and stronger.”

Source: Brand Wealth

Symbol: SABUY, TKS