SABUY Solutions launches e-Wallets system to complete Food Court Solutions

SABUY Solutions launches e-Wallets system to complete Food Court Solutions The system will soon cover Food Delivery and other Retail businesses

SABUY Solutions Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SABUY Technology Plc., the leading Food Court Solutions provider for 230 food courts nationwide, launches new e-Wallet solutions for food courts to support cashless society. Initially, it will roll out in 87 Lotus’s branches in the 3rd quarter then covering all 171 Lotus’s branches by end of this year. Moreover SABUY is developing new service connecting with 7 leading Food Delivery Application providers.

Khun Narongchai Wongthanavimoke, Chief Executive Officer, SABUY Solutions Co., Ltd. and Chief Financial Officer, SABUY Technology Plc. reveals that

“ As more customers are embracing cashless and the e-wallet demanding trend is rising, SABUY Solutions Co., Ltd. or SBS, the No.1 Leader in Food Court Solutions, taking care of 230 Food Courts in Hyper Markets nationwide such as Lotus’s, Robinson, Terminal 21 and TOPS.Our Solutions support Cash Card, Prompt-Pay System ,QR Code pay systems like SCB Easy, the newly partner which launch recently. Latest, we add e-Wallet system to enable our solutions to cover all payment channels such as True Money Wallet, SABUY Money, Shopee Pay in 87 Lotus’s Food courts by 3rd quarter and cover all 171 branches in nationwide within this year. This new service will catches customers’ requirements”

Khun Narongchai also talks about the direction of SABUY Solutions to develop more services.
“ We see the opportunity in the fast-growing Food Delivery Applications, fueled by the Covid-19 crisis, to increase volume of usage and overcome the limitation of ordering food from the food courts. We will connect our system with 6-7 leading Food Delivery applications and launch this service in foodcout soon.”

SABUY Solutions Co., Ltd. or SBS provides Food Court Solutions to 230 branches, with 2,988 outlets nationwide. We also provide Retail management system via SABUY POS, accepting various payment solutions such as Cash, Cash Card, Prompt-Pay System, QR Code pay systems and e-Wallets. In addition, we also can provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and Loyalty Program via SABUY Exchange. Customers can collect points, redeem points for goods and services in SABUY ecosystem. We aim to expand our food courts network to 500 branches and expand our Retail Management (POS) to cover 60,000 outlets within 2-3 years.

Source: Brand Wealth

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