Thai Union embraces World Creativity and Innovation Day

April 21st is World Creativity and Innovation Day, designated by the United Nations (UN) to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development.  According to the UNESCO report on culture and sustainable development, the creative industry is among the most dynamic sectors in the world economy in terms of income generation and job creation.  

Here at Thai Union, innovation is one of our key corporate values to which we align every business decision because it is the foundation of our future.  Through our commitment to “Healthy Living, Healthy Oceans,” we strive to grow our business and lead the industry on sustainability using creativity and innovation.  Thai Union proudly launched its Global Innovation Centre (GIC) in 2015 – a world-class R&D facility, and the first of its kind in Thailand – which has delivered many significant innovations that take many forms – from new products, such as plant-based protein that tastes like meat, to supplements derived from various parts of the tuna fish, to a novel cold-pressed process to better preserve fish oil quality versus using heat.  

These innovations further emphasize our focus on Healthy Living, with our brands continually improving their products, launching creative menus like King Oscar’s premium tuna in the USA as well as the SEALECT x After Yum spicy tuna salad, designed to suit the local Thai taste buds.  

Our innovations also take sustainability into account, with our commitment to Healthy Oceans through SeaChange®.  We are collaborating with various partners, such as The Nature Conservancy to implement ‘on-the-water’ monitoring of the tuna supply chain; with KBank to use blockchain to enable migrant workers to store personal documents securely; and with other partners to develop a mobile application to improve shrimp farm sustainability performance.  

Source: Thai Union Group