Shopee continues to nurture tech talent with the second edition of Shopee Code League, the largest online code league in the region 

Shopee continues to nurture tech talent with the second edition of Shopee Code League, the largest online code league in the region 

Shopee Programming Contest, the final competition of Shopee Code League 2021 kicked off on Saturday March 20

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, strengthens its efforts to nurture tech talents with Shopee Code League 2021, the largest online code league in the region. This year, Shopee Code League is supported by local governments across the region, including the National Innovation Agency (NIA) in Thailand as Shopee continues to shape the local workforces and prepare tech talents for the future economy.

On Saturday March 20, Shopee kicked off the final competition for Shopee Code League 2021, the Shopee Programming Contest, joined by Dr Pun-Arj Chairatana, Executive Director of NIA that aims to transform Thailand through technology and innovation.

Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana, Executive Director, National Innovation Agency (NIA), Thailand said, “The world is undergoing a digital transformation and in Thailand, we also see many new innovations in various sectors. The Thai government recognises the importance of preparing our economy and society for the future and we are supportive of all efforts to help Thai talent learn new skills, share knowledge, and succeed in the digital economy. Shopee Code League is a good example for our youths, as it helps local youths and tech enthusiasts showcase their skills and pave the way for a successful career in the future economy.”

Shopee Code League was first introduced in 2020, amid accelerating demand for tech talent in the region and the world. By 2025, Southeast Asia’s digital economy is set to reach US$300 billion in value, while the global economy will require 149 million new tech roles[1] as businesses shift online. Shopee Code League is one part of Shopee’s continued efforts to nurture local tech talents for the future economy by gathering tech communities together to learn new skills and share knowledge with one another.

Suchaya Paleewong, Senior Marketing Manager at Shopee Thailand said, “At Shopee, we see growing demand and passion for tech in the region and Thailand is no exception. As technology becomes more important to our economies, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can contribute to and succeed in the digital landscape of today and tomorrow. We are heartened by the strong support from the government at Shopee Code League 2021 and as we kick off the last leg of competitions, we look forward to seeing participants solve problems together and learn even more from one another.”

Shopee Code League is organised into two categories: Open and Student. In each category, the top 15 teams will walk away with attractive cash prizes, including SGD3,000 (around 68,000 THB) for the top-ranked teams, as well employment or internship opportunities at Shopee[2]. To encourage diversity and equality of opportunity in tech, the top-ranked womens’ team in each category will also win a special cash prize of SGD 500 (around 11,000 THB).

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