Discover 12 unique coffee flavors from the world’s top 12 coffee-glowing countries at The Coffee Academics

From March 15 to April 30, 2021, The Coffee Academics will let guests enjoy most pour over at 140 baht.

Head over to our TCA stores at your convenience, Langsuan, Gaysorn Village, Centralworld, and Regent’s International School Bangkok, for a great deal on pour-over coffee dubbed “Taste the world of Coffee.”

Enjoy your favorite blend or flavor from our pour-over coffee list, priced between 240-390 baht while feasting on your meal. Below is a list of single origin coffee, sold for 140 baht.

  • Honduras Finca El Roble with notes of dark chocolate, honey, prune (The producer, Mr. Clemente Vasquez Martinez, supports the Honduras Youth Empowerment Program, empowers, and encourages local young people.)
  • Kenya AA Microlot Kamwangi, empowering force for Kenyan coffee farmers. The cherries of this microlot are processed on the same day they are picked to ensure maximum freshness. Blackcurrent, herbal, and tomato are commonly found on this type of beans.
  • Yunnan Baoshan. The coffee land is owned by Lu Ming Chun who shares his coffee growing techniques with the Lisu minority group, helping other farmers nearby and facilitating industry development. Yunnan Baoshan’s beans may come with hints of roasted peanut, hazelnut, and milk chocolate.
  • Brazil Coanop Microlot, entirely produced by women. The Sitio Bom Jesus Farm of the Norte Pioneiro region empowers local women in the coffee trade with a focus on sustainability of the industry in Brazil. Roasted almond, cocoa, and black tea notes.
  • Papua New Guinea Fairtrade Organic featuring slightly herbal notes with a melon-like sweetness. Produced by the Keto Tapasi Progress Association of 375 smallholder coffee growers, the selection is a celebration of their unity and collaborative spirit.
  • Peru Organic. The coffee farm supports women’s participation in coffee production and provides increased access to medical services for its members. Expect rose apple, pecan, and cane sugar flavors.
  • Honduras Organic features mixed varietals of Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, and Pacas coffee are brought together by the CACAFCAL cooperative to us. Walnut, plum, and brown sugar on the notes.
  • El Salvador SHG EP, considered the highest grade (SHG – Strictly High Grown) in El Salvador. The region has a micro climate with unique flora and surrounded by dense forestry, creating optimal growing conditions in the area. Expect macadamia, caramel, and dried apricot.
  • Costa Rica SHB Honey Jaguar, known for using less water and shorter fermentation time. As a result, the coffee acquires an acid taste halfway between natural and washed coffees but with a lower risk of unexpected effects such as over-fermentation. Cane sugar, roasted almond, and red apple notes are pronounced.
  • Rwanda AB Isimbi Mushonyi Station: Rwanda is known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills.” The rolling landscape gives a unique flavor to the coffee produced there. It is bright, complex, and fruity yet balanced and rich. Expect cranberry and vanilla.
  • Colombia Supremo Antioquia features berries, caramel, taffy with residual sweetness. This full-bodied coffee comes with a little hint of acidity at the light roast points.
  • Guatemala Fedecocagua Fairtrade Organic, harvested from farms across 373 hectares in Huehuetenango and delivered to FEDECOCAGUA, an association of 19 cooperatives with the goal to improve the lives of the local smallholders & their families. Huehuetenango coffees are often with fruity notes, but we have roasted it slightly darker, bringing out aromas of peanuts, cane sugar, and chocolates.

Please bear in mind that Panama Gesha Blend Silver Medal and Panama Esmeralda Gesha are not part of the Taste of the world of coffee but can be ordered regularly.

This promotion is for dine-in only.

Source: IMPACT Exhibition Management