Oishi Green Tea Rolls Out “Oishi Codes double your chance to win” 2021 Summer Campaign

Offers over three million prizes including a car and motorcycle plus a new RoV skin exclusively created for Oishi.

Oishi Green Tea continues to strengthen its leadership in the ready-to-drink green tea market by launching a hybrid campaign for green tea fans. This summer will be fun and exciting with a chance to win prizes including a car or motorcycle, Thai people’s favorite items, along with RoV (Arena of Valor) game heroes, which are much loved by Gen M gamers. The “Oishi Codes double your chance to win” campaign is giving away three million prizes. Just send in the Oishi Code to receive a special RoV skin, then submit that code to enter a lucky draw for a Toyota Yaris automobile and Yamaha Aerox motorcycle. The campaign kicks off with a new Oishi commercial starring 2Gether presenters “Bright and Win,” who invite members of the young generation to take part by sending in the code via the Oishi Club App, from 25 February until 31 May.

Mrs. Jesdakorn Ghosh, Senior Vice President, Beverage Division, Oishi Group Public Company Ltd., said, “In 2020, Oishi was able to maintain our leadership in Thailand’s RTD green tea segment, holding more than a 48.4% share of the total market, which is valued at 10,620 million baht (Nielsen Thailand data from Feb 2020 – Jan 2021). As one of our ongoing product innovations to meet the needs of every customer segment, we introduced ‘Oishi Plus C’ late last year, which received a great response from health-conscious consumers. Oishi is also holding promotions to give away lifestyle items to the new generation via the Oishi Club App. Tapping into an e-sports platform and the Gen M gamer group with prizes on RoV also proved to be successful. The Oishi fanbase responded positively to these campaigns.”

“Our 2021 summer promotion extends our sweepstakes campaigns, which are always customer favorites, by giving away both a Toyota Yaris automobile and a Yamaha Aerox motorcycle. Meanwhile, we are reaching out on an e-sports platform with attractive prizes for Gen M customers through a partnership with Garena (Thailand), the company behind RoV, Thailand’s No.1 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. In 2020, Thailand’s gaming and e-sports market was valued at 27,000 million baht, an increase of 15.8% from the previous year. Around 27.8 million Thai people play games, with 71% of them playing on their mobile phones or tablets. Thai gamers are active in connecting with their game or e-sports communities. These groups are very dynamic and like Oishi, which we never stop developing so we can always offer new flavors and new marketing activities. This time, they can get refreshed and get lucky with Oishi.”

“Oishi is confident our ‘Oishi Codes double your chance to win’ campaign will excite Gen M gamers and green tea fans. They can redeem an Oishi code for one of over three million special RoV items including the exclusive Hero Bright skin, along with a chance to win a popular model of car or motorcycle. To drive awareness of the campaign, we have introduced a new TV commercial featuring popular stars “Bright Vachirawit” and “Win Methawin” as endorsers. We expect a great consumer response to and active participation in this campaign, just as with our previous campaigns, which will help drive Thailand’s RTD green tea market,” concluded Mrs. Jesdakorn.

Get refreshed and have fun this summer with the “Oishi Codes double your chance to win” campaign. Simply send in the code under the Oishi cap via the Oishi Club Application to redeem it for an Oishi exclusive RoV skin, or one of the three million other prizes. Then use the same code to enter the lucky draw for a Toyota Yaris automobile or Yamaha Aerox motorcycle from 25 February to 31 May 2021. The first prize draw will take place on 15 March 2021. For more details, visit the “Oishi Drink Station” Facebook page.

Source: ABM