Daimler Commercial Vehicles Thailand starts the year strongly!! Delivers over 20 FUSO Trucks to ‘Trucks Logistics 60 Company’

DCVT continues to strengthen its presence with the delivery of a batch of 21 FUSO trucks, including 9 units of the FJ1523R model, and 12 units of the FJ2528R to the end client, Trucks Logistics 60 Co., Ltd., a national expert in transporting livestock and animal feed. Mr. Sutham Mangsathong and Mrs. Kanyaporn Thanatrakulwong took delivery of their new trucks from DCVT’s dealer, A.Yont Truck Sales Limited Partnership, in Saraburi.

Mr. Ralf Kraemer, CEO of Daimler Commercial Vehicles (Thailand) Co., Ltd., (DCVT), said, “DCVT was delighted and proud that Truck Logistics 60 was trusting in FUSO products by displaying confidence in the capabilities of FUSO trucks. We are confident that FUSO trucks can meet the needs of logistics businesses requiring high efficiency, and durable performance. It highlights our products and after-sales service, which are outstanding and meet customers’ needs, meaning that they will come back to us for repeat business. We also foresee the demand for commercial vehicles growing significantly, which is a part of supporting many industries in Thailand. Therefore, we will continue to develop our products to meet different market needs to deliver value and build customer trust.”

Mr Yongyos Chailarpyos, CEO of A.Yont Truck Sales Ltd. Part. noted, “We are pleased to deliver 21 FUSO trucks to Trucks Logistics 60 Co., Ltd., a customer who has trust and confidence in our product. We are ready and willing to be a partner of our customers’ businesses to reach their objectives efficiently. With a determination to develop our capabilities and after-sales services, we keep supporting our existing customers, while also building a base of new customers sustainably. We consider customer benefits first and foremost, in terms of meeting customers’ every need.”

The FUSO FJ1523R, a 6-wheel-truck, comes with its performance empowerment to overcome all obstacles; reliable and long lasting truck which generates a power of 231 HP, and high torque of 810 Nm at 1,200-1,600 RPM, and GVW 15 tons a total. The FUSO FJ2528R, on the other hand, develops a power of 278 HP, also high of 1,100 Nm at 1,200-1,600 RPM, and GVW 25 tons a total. Both models feature with the latest driving technology and aerodynamic equipment to make the trucks more streamlined, which reduces fuel wastage. The automatic braking system (ABS) comes standard from the factory, and is highly efficient at providing stability and safety in all driving conditions.

Source: BOW