Data center operator DEAC is building a large new data center that will be one of the most sustainable data centers in the Baltic region

One of the largest independent data center operators in Northern Europe, DEAC, is building a large new data center that will be one of the most sustainable data centers in the region. DEAC Riga data center is an attractive location for international companies as an outsourcing center, data back office and IT function consolidation due to its […]

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Ex-Microsoft Leader joins Darwinbox as SVP Engineering to scale the leading HR tech platform

Darwinbox, Asia’s leading HR Tech platform, announced the appointment of Gautam Goenka to its Executive Leadership team. Gautam joins Darwinbox as Senior Vice President, Engineering. An IIT Kharagpur alumnus, Gautam brings over two decades of rich engineering experience to the company and has previously worked with top-tier companies like Microsoft and successful startups like Kony. Prior […]

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Bitget introduces the Upgraded BGB Token

Bridging Gaps in a Divided World Leading global derivatives exchange – Bitget, today announced the latest evolution of BGB – the platform token of Bitget. As Bitget continues to develop and expand as a platform, there has also been plenty of development in the platform’s tokenomics. BGB is an upgraded platform token for Bitget’s users […]

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LocoNav’s Solutions enabled Medallion Translinks to save SGD 1.3Mn+ in One Year

LocoNav, a full-stack fleet software company today announced that its solutions helped Medallion Translinks, an Indian logistics company, save more than SGD 1.3Mn in a year. Medallion Translinks deployed LocoNav’s fleet management and video safety solutions for its fleet of 170 vehicles. These solutions rapidly made Medallion Translink’s fleet more efficient, safer, and contributed to […]

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Panoramic Atlases of Life Published in Cell Mark Establishment of SpatioTemporal Omics Consortium

STOC launches with more than 80 scientists joining globally, focused on obtaining the greatest scientific benefits from spatially resolved transcriptomics technology ; first studies use BGI-Research’s Stereo-seq to produce spatiotemporal cellular maps of mice, Drosophila, zebrafish, and Arabidopsis Scientists from 16 countries today announced the establishment of the SpatioTemporal Omics Consortium (STOC), an open scientific…

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Today, the Royal Canadian Mint launches the Opulence Collection, exclusive numismatic masterpieces of exceptional craftsmanship featuring some of the world’s rarest precious stones: pink diamonds from the famed Argyle mine. These jewels are the crowning element of pure gold and platinum coins that truly redefine rare. This new collection, headlined by the one-of-a-kind Ultimate, a one-kilo pure […]

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European Stroke Organisation Conference 2022: New study links gut microbiota strains with more severe strokes and poorer post-stroke recovery

A new study has identified strains of gut microbiota that are associated with more severe strokes and worse post-stroke recovery, revealing that the gut microbiome could be an important factor in stroke risk and outcomes. The study, presented today at the European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC 2022) pinpointed specific groups of bacteria associated with poorer […]

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