YOHJI YAMAMOTO Inc. Launches New Conceptual Project “WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO” Globally on July 20

YOHJI YAMAMOTO Inc. launched a conceptual project, “WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO,” on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 on the online platform. WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO, with its concept color as black — the symbol of YOHJI YAMAMOTO, launched the collaboration in a wide range of genres, not only fashion, but also art, interior design, and lifestyle. Logo: https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M107269/202207193946/_prw_PI2fl_WLqc2EOC.png…


21 ก.ค. 65

Polyplastics’ DURAFIDE (R) PPS Delivers Increased Transmittance and Toughness in Laser-welded Applications

Polyplastics Co., Ltd., a leading global supplier of engineering thermoplastics, is finding successful use of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) in laser-welded applications such as automotive parts thanks to materials with enhanced capabilities. The company offers DURAFIDE (R) PPS which delivers greater transmittance and toughness and facilitates laser welding in a range of applications. Image: https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M100475/2022070…


12 ก.ค. 65

Polyplastics’ New Engineering Plastic Fine Powders Compatible with Wide Range of Processing Methods

Polyplastics Group has introduced a new series of engineering plastic fine powders which are compatible with a broad range of manufacturing methods. The company has expanded its lineup with DURAST (TM) Powders which, going beyond traditional injection molding and extrusion, are targeted for low-volume production of complex parts utilizing sinter forming, compression molding, and 3D […]


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