World Super League (WSL), Brand-new Global Esports League, is born

Technoblood (Chairman Il-young Ryu) officially announced the launch of its global e-sports festival “World Super League (WSL)” on December 16th. WSL is an annual global e-sports competition where the world’s best e-sports gamers participate under the accreditation of the International e-Sports Federation (IESF), which has 92 member federations around the world. On November 30th, the […]

16 ธ.ค. 63

Arirang TV joins power influencers to produce a global commercial promoting prime tourist destinations

Arirang TV has joined hands with 2020’s leading global content creators to produce a commercial promoting prime tourism cities in Korea. It will be shown on ASEAN TV channels. This project has selected cities that are prime tourist hubs that each possess their own local tourism brands, to foster them to become global tourist destinations. […]

14 ธ.ค. 63
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