Omdia: Semiconductor market declines into uncharted (seasonal) territory

The semiconductor market has had an exceptional run of sequential revenue growth during the COVID-pandemic period that began in early 2020 according to Omdia’s Semiconductor Competitive Landscape Tool (CLT). A record eight-straight quarters of revenue growth occurred during this time. Now the market has begun to shrink for the last two quarters. 3Q22 semiconductor revenue was […]

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Appian appoints Silvio Lima as Head of Corporate Affairs, ESG and Community Engagement

Appointment of Silvio Lima adds significant ESG expertise to projects Silvio will work closely with local management teams, while supporting the Appian Way Charitable Foundation’s efforts to allocate capital across social initiatives Formerly Director of Corporate Affairs and People at Appian Capital Brazil Appian Capital Advisory LLP (“Appian” or the “Company”), the investment advisor to […]

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New study reveals the extent of antibiotic misuse for a common sore throat, fuelling the 3rd leading cause of death worldwide

A new global study launched during World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW, 18-24 November) shows a high dependence on antibiotics for treating respiratory conditions like sore throat, which is helping to fuel antibiotic resistance – the third leading cause of death worldwide, associated with 4.95 million deaths a year. The Sore Throat & Antibiotic Resistance (STAR) […]

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Omdia research reveals TikTok advertising revenues will exceed META and YouTube’s combined video ad revenues by 2027

New research from Omdia shows online video advertising will generate over $331bn in 2027 and 37% of those revenues will belong to just one company, TikTok. “Advertisers are beginning to move away from META and YouTube and towards TikTok to reach their vast follower base,” said Maria Rua Aguete Senior Director in Omdia’s Media and Entertainment […]

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Omdia: Quantum computing vendors need to listen more closely to adopters

Vendors face significant scientific and technical challenges over the next decade in bringing increasingly fault tolerant quantum computers to the market that show a meaningful advantage over classical computers for commercially relevant applications. Succeeding will require close alignment with the needs and preferences of their customers – the adopters of quantum computing (QC) who are […]

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