Transform and Evolve: Uniview 3rd Global Partner Summit Recap

Uniview held its 3rd Global Partner Summit “Transform. Evolve.” in the form of live streaming during its 10th Anniversary. The invitation-only virtual event featured discussions on how surveillance industry can tackle the challenges after COVID-19 – forcing the transition to a new normal, post-pandemic future. CEO of Univew, Hermit Zhang, gave a strong opening for the Summit […]

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Florasis releases the international version of theme song with popular singer Zhou Shen

A multi-language music interpretation of Chinese classical flavor by Zhou Shen More collaborations to bring the brand to the global audience Florasis’s products are available in over 100 markets after launching global business On December 2nd, 2021, Chinese cosmetics brand Florasis released the international version of theme song Florasis, performed by popular singer Zhou Shen (Charlie […]

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