Media Appreciation Tour for Asia | Explore the Philosophy of Craftsmanship and Decode the Technology of GAC

GAC MOTOR Media Appreciation Tour for Asia was successfully held from September 19th to 22nd. Twenty mainstream automotive media from Malaysia and the Philippines visited GAC to delve into the core of “Tech GAC” and the fascination of craftsmanship. Appreciating Tech GAC through On-Site Test Drives The media delegation had come around GAC Technology Museum, […]

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Canton Biologics Completes Over 300 Million Yuan Series C Financing, Led by SDIC Venture Capital

On September 13th, Canton Biologics Co., Ltd. announced that it had recently completed a Series C financing round exceeding 300 million yuan. This round of financing was led by SDIC Venture Capital, with participation from Guangdong Technology Financial Group, Taipu Life Science Investment, and Chnin Financial. The funds raised in this round will be channeled […]

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ChiNext Continues to Empower Innovation-Driven Enterprises in three-year Registration-Based IPO Reform

On August 24th, the ChiNext board celebrated 3rd anniversary of registration-based IPO reform. The ChiNext board served as one of the main channels of equity financing for innovation-driven small and medium-sized enterprises whilst the registration system fostered market-oriented development and encouraged investor engagements. Over the past three years, 500 companies, or nearly 40% of all […]

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