Darktrace Reports 30% More Ransomware Attacks Targeting Organizations During The Holiday Period

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, today reported that its security researchers discovered a 30% increase in the average number of attempted ransomware attacks globally over the holiday season in every consecutive year from 2018 to 2020 compared to the monthly average. The researchers also observed a 70% average increase in attempted ransomware […]

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Cambridge Quantum’s TKET is Now Open-Sourced

World-Leading High-Performance Quantum Computing Software Development Toolkit now fully open-sourced providing resources to a global ecosystem Cambridge Quantum (CQ) is pleased to announce that the latest version (v.0.15) of TKET (pronounced “ticket”), our class leading high-performance hardware-agnostic quantum software development kit, is now completely open-source and immediately available for all to use without restrictions.…

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Cambridge Quantum Develops Algorithm to Accelerate Monte Carlo Integration on Quantum Computers

The scientific and technical breakthrough provides a provable roadmap to quantum advantage Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) today announced the discovery of a new algorithm that accelerates quantum Monte Carlo integration – shortening the time to quantum advantage and confirming the critical importance of quantum computing to the finance industry in particular. Monte Carlo integration – […]

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Cambridge Quantum Announce Largest Ever Natural Language Processing Implementation on a Quantum Computer

Separate experiments, each of over 100 sentences, provide a strong proof of concept that Quantum Natural Language Processing is within reach Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) announces the publication of a research paper on the online pre-print repository arxiv (available here: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2102.12846.pdf) that provides details of the largest ever experimental implementation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks […]

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Cambridge Quantum Computing Completes $45 Million Financing

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) has successfully completed a $45 million financing from investors including Honeywell Ventures, IBM Ventures, JSR Corporation, Serendipity Capital, Alvarium Investments and Talipot Holdings to further accelerate commercialization and consolidate its leadership position in quantum computing software and applications. “As quantum hardware continues to advance and scale, enterprise customers across a variety…

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