Digital Cooperation Organization welcomes Nigeria and Oman as founding members, and launches several initiatives

The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO), based in Riyadh, announced the joining of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Sultanate of Oman, as founding members, joining Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Combined, the seven countries are an economic bloc of $1.2 trillion in GDP. The population base of the seven nations is close to 480 […]

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Dow highlights new materials in a boost to its Asia Pacific plastics portfolio

New materials introduced include products and applications in sustainability, mobility, Industry 4.0, healthcare and consumer experience From packaging materials that are designed for recyclability and high performance fibers for hygiene applications, to science that enables plastic modified roads, revolutionary running shoes and artificial leather, and even baby and pet beds, Dow (NYSE: DOW) has added […]

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Japan Has the Most Powerful Passport but Only in a Post-Pandemic World

As vaccination program rollouts gather momentum in certain countries, the resumption of regular international travel is no longer an abstract hope. The latest results from the Henley Passport Index — the original ranking of all the world’s passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa — provide exclusive insight into […]

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Servify Acquires Europe Based WebToGo, a Provider for Multichannel Self-care and Customer Experience Solutions

Servify, announces the acquisition of key businesses of Munich based WebToGo, a one-stop provider for multichannel self-care and customer experience solutions for smartphones, tablets and laptops. This acquisition will help Servify further strengthen its global footprint both in terms of technology and people.  The acquisition brings the two marquee solutions of WebToGo into Servify’s portfolio –  myhandycheck and wenewa. While…

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Copan, putting Covid-19 challenges behind and setting up for the post-pandemic scenario

With an email to the main distributors, Copan group’s CEO describes how the ramp-up of Covid-19-related products has been concluded, and how the company is now reorganizing to face post-pandemic challenges. Last Tuesday, Copan partners received an email signed by Copan’s CEO Stefania Triva herself. Certainly, it was not the first email they received from […]

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