Jetts 24 Hour Fitness opens “Jetts Mantra Circuit Training”; three beauty queens join session to prep body for all-rounded achievements

          Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, a global leader in 24-hour fitness, recently held an exclusive workout class "Jetts Mantra Circuit Training" at its club at Suanplern Market. National beauty queens from the celebrated Miss Thailand, Miss Thailand World and Miss Earth Thailand contests participated in the session to build a toned and sturdy physique that is well-suited and could paves ways to various career opportunities, especially the ones that require high stamina, agility and great personality. 
          Mr. Dane Cantwell, Thailand Country Manager of Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, said, "Nowadays, being fit is the need of the hour. In this generation, individuals, especially women, tend to seek exercise activities that yield total body results within limited time. Jetts responds to the trend by proudly introducing our exclusively designed circuit training as another workout choice for female fitness enthusiasts. The class is developed from our clear-cut understanding of the ladies' aspiration to always stay in shape, whether it is for their health-conscious lifestyle, requirement of their jobs, or the fact they are expected to meet very high standards as their appearances are always in the public eye."
          "Jetts Mantra Circuit Training offers our members a chance to enjoy a fun and challenging workout that is equipped with assistance from our professional trainers and state-of-the-art equipment from start to finish. Following this exercise class, your arms, thighs, abdomen and hips will be toned and strengthened, while the body's metabolism and cardiovascular systems will be improved altogether. The pilot classes of Jetts Mantra Circuit Training are scheduled to open at Jetts' Suanplern Market (Rama 4) during the first phase before expanding into other branches across Bangkok soon." Mr. Cantwell added.
          The 60-minute Jetts Mantra Circuit Training session is comprised of 5-minute warm-up, 15-minute lower body exercise, 15-minute upper body exercise, 20-minute non-stop core muscle exercise and 5-minute cool down. The circuit training is focused on toning the muscles against resistance as the method is an effective way to convert excess body fat into energy. 
          Jetts 24 Hour Fitness provides spacious workout areas and a comprehensive range of gear and equipment, including: Eight Stack for toning, strengthening and building muscle from the pecs to the lats, biceps and triceps and even the legs with a total of eight weight stack resistance; Rower for increasing the strength of legs and back to prepare physical fitness for long durations of standing and walking; Abs Machine for toning and strengthening of abdominal and back muscles against resistances; and Fit Ball which is used alongside upbeat music for dynamic exercise.
          One of the beauty pageants attending the Jetts Mantra Circuit Training class, Thanchanok "French Fries" Moonninta, Miss Thailand World 2015 revealed, "The Miss Thailand World position has brought me several career opportunities in prolific routes, from going on tour with the Miss Thailand World team to being an announcer MC and actress. To thrive through such duties proficiently, you definitely need a fit body and mind. Jetts Mantra Circuit Training helps me a lot not only with weight loss and figure maintenance, but also in terms of personality and self-confidence boosting. This class is all about non-stop total-body toning moves that never leave me bored for even a second. I got to practise my postures through exercising, and use various equipment that keeps me active throughout the whole session. For all health-conscious friends who would like to stay in shape, come and sweat it out with me in this circuit training class. It is also a great alternative for some of you who might already get tired of usual cardio and weight trainings." 
          Wilasinee "Aee" Chanwuttiwong, Miss Thailand 2014, also expressed her impressions on the class, "Being involved in beauty pageants may look feminine and glamorous on the outside, but actually the job requires great volumes of stamina and fitness. Now that I am juggling between academic life, duty as a university ambassador and my career in showbiz, it is vital for me to be physically fit to be able to undertake all the activities to my fullest ability. Besides healthy diet plans, I also tend to exercise regularly. If you choose a workout regimen and fitness location that fits your lifestyle, such hectic schedule would never be a problem. For instance, Jetts' circuit training yields great total body results within only 60 minutes. It is the perfect choice for those who want to stay in a perfect shape within a short amount of time me.
Another stunner who joined the event Paweensuda "Fahsai" Drouin, first runner-up of Miss Thailand 2013, second runner-up of Miss Universe Thailand 2015 and Miss Thailand Earth 2017, said, "I'm normally a workout freak and plays sports on a regular basis. I have to admit, however, that it is a very difficult task to keep myself in shape amidst hectic schedules that I am having nowadays. That's why a workout activity that matches my lifestyle and time is very important. After going through the circuit training with Jetts, I can feel that my muscles are getting stronger and my extra fat has started to disappear. Not only does the class improve my health physically, but it also enhances my performance at work. I have become full of energy and sharper both mentally and physically. Now I can endure more taxing conditions, look better in outfits and feel more confident wherever I show up in the public thanks to the workout class." 
          In addition to the circuit training, Jetts 24 Hour Fitness also offers a wide range of exercise classes for its members, including: BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, BODYBALANCE, SH'BAM, Functional Training FX, TRX, Gym Ball, Bun 24, Zumba, yoga and Pilates. The group exercise classes are available every week without additional costs.
          All Jetts 24 Hour Fitness members can automatically join workout classes for free after signing up for the membership (฿1,500 per month). New members are entitled to special promotion which varies by the period of registration. Please visit www.facebook.com/JettsThailand to check out the weekly "Jetts Mantra Circuit Training" schedule, or see the physical time table at Jetts 24 Hour Fitness clubs. 
          To celebrate the first anniversary of its launch in Thailand, Jetts 24 Hour Fitness offers special promotions to members signing up at the Suanplern Market (Rama 4) club, starting today until November 30, 2018. 

          First 50 members receive a special entrance deal of only Baht3,000 (฿1,500 monthly fee and
฿1,500 for access card), a free one-month membership and a waiver of ฿1,500 entrance fee.
          Regular members receive a special entrance deal of only ฿3,000 (฿1,500 monthly fee and ฿1,500 for access card), a free VIP Pack (3 personal trainer sessions) and a waiver of ฿1,500 entrance fee and
Join Jetts 24 Hour Fitness at your convenient locations: Stadium One (Chula), The Street (Ratchada), The Phyll (On Nut), Silom Connect (Chong Nonsi), Suanplern Market (Rama 4), Nawamin City Avenue (Kaset-Nawamin), The Scene (Town in Town), FYI Center (Khlong Toei), Sena Fest (Charoen Nakhon) and HomePro (Ratchapruek). Jetts 24 Hour Fitness members are also given access to more than 270 Jetts clubs across Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom without additional costs.