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AIS pushes the eSports industry to a full stream, enriching Thai gamers to the world. | ThaiPR.NET

AIS pushes the eSports industry to a full stream, enriching Thai gamers to the world.

          AIS pushes the eSports industry to a full stream, enriching Thai gamers to the world. Launching 4 strategies to support the full Thai eSports industry from upstream to downstream. Up the highest level including products, services, tournaments, academy throughout the year!
          AIS announces its vision and policy to support the eSports industry in all dimensions, creating opportunities and enhancing the potential for e-sports athletes and Thai gamers to show their skills and abilities to step into the professional path and compete in the global arena.
          Moving forward with alliance partners in the eSports industry including the eSports Association of Thailand, leading universities, famous Thai and world game Publishers, smart device manufacturers, Gaming distributors Gear, Singtel, Rabbit LINE Pay, etc., to push eSports Ecosystem for sustainable and robust growth together with announcing the exclusive partnership in Thailand with PUBG Mobile.
          Launching 4 strategic plans, AIS eSports: Thailand as a spearhead to drive eSports and provide the world's best eSports experience for Thai people.
          1. Connect: Connect Thai people to the eSports world with innovative digital networks and products designed especially for eSports on Mobile, Home Broadband Internet, Online Store, Payment Platform.
          Be confident with the fastest and most stable mobile network quality by OOKLA Speed test which guarantees AIS to be number 1 in the fastest mobile network in Thailand for 4 consecutive years. AIS has the highest upload and download rate which has The lowest latency score compared to other service providers.
          The first innovation in Thailand with the home broadband internet package AIS Fiber eSports that provide dual bandwidth with separate network for game from the home internet, making the game super fast, low latency, no lag, upload speed is strong as the download speed. The monthly service fee is 990 baht with speed up to 300/300 + 300/300 Mbps and free for Public IPv4.
          Mobile packages both monthly and top-up, including On top eSports extra package with countless games and no additional internet charges with 4 games, PUBG Mobile, ROV, Free Fire, Ragnarok.
Preparing to launch eSports products on the AIS Online Store both Smart Device from leader brand ASUS, HONOR, HUAWEI, ONEPLUS, OPPO, RAZER, SAMSUNG, VIVO, Xiaomi and Gaming Gear in collaboration with J.I.B.
          Open top-up game channels to buy more game items conveniently via Rabbit LINE Pay and AIS Billing.
          AIS Thailand eSports Expo, the first eSports event in Thailand on 30 May - 2 June 2019 at BITEC Bangna.
          2. Compete: Create an "AIS eSports Platform" to be an Open Platform that supports the online eSports competition in Thailand which allows all departments to use the online space to manage eSports events conveniently anytime and anywhere. Including organizing the greatest eSports Tournament on the university stage in national and international levels along with more than 10 tournaments throughout the year to encourage eSports followers showing their talent to win total prize money over 14 million Baht.
          Preparing to start the major regional tournaments "PUBG Mobile Championship Thailand 2019" which is PUBG Professional competition to find Thailand champions to compete in South East Asia, starting in April 2019. 
          3. Share: Share the fun of eSports for followers to watch and cheer in full, and debut "AIS eSports | eGG Network Channel", the first and only eSports channel in Thailand on AIS PLAY and AIS PLAYBOX which are broadcast live and re-run watching both world-class and nationally eSports tournaments by joining forces With eGG Network, the world's top live broadcast eSports content tournaments, as well as being open to universities that hold eSports competitions to stream content on this eSports channel.
          4. Educate: Opening the experience of the eSports world for students and Thais through cooperation programs with educational institutions and government organizations.
          Cooperation with famous universities and eSports club such as Bangkok University, Khon Kaen University, Chulalongkorn University, Dhurakij Pundit University and Sripatum University to support knowledge, curriculum, work training and ready to help the primary digital network, including an online platform for organizing eSports competitions on campus in order to further develop the ability to manage eSports management for students.
          In addition, AIS has cooperated with Thailand eSports Federation to support the selection of Thai eSports athletes for Thai national team in the SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines and the selection of athletes in the "11th IESF Esports World Championships 2019" with the live viewing and retrospectively selected eSports athletes of Thai national team representatives who compete in the 2 shows via AIS PLAY and AIS PLAYBOX.
          Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, AIS's Chief Consumer Business Officer, said "This year, AIS is determined to push the eSports industry seriously. We see eSports as a digital sport that meets the lifestyle of Millennials people. eSports is useful in developing skills in planning, thinking, analyzing and language. Moreover, Thai athletes and gamers have a lot of the ability to not lose other nations. We, therefore, want to promote and upgrade Thai eSports to the international stage. At present, the value of eSports business in Thailand in 2018 is more than 22,000 million baht, and there are 27.5 million gamers in every platform. 
          "AIS, accordingly, intends to become a core to support the overall picture of the eSports industry in every aspect of the ecosystem, from upstream to downstream to meet the eSports needs, starting from the primary digital structure as the leader in the country's network innovation. We prioritize with the network development in both the mobile network and Fixed Broadband to be the lowest Latency for the highest efficiency in connecting and playing games eSports. Additionally, we are launching the eSports package that is the worth value including AIS Fiber eSports, Home Broadband Internet, and mobile SIM games from AIS ZEED SIM, monthly packages, top-up and on top extra packages, exclusive game items and facilitate the top-up of the game via Rabbit LINE Pay and AIS billing including opening the eSports channel on AIS PLAY and AIS PLAYBOX for broadcasting eSports content in particular. 
          "Under the cooperation of partners in the eSports industry in both the public and private sectors to provide the best experience for eSports followers through tournaments, Academies, events, marketing activities to level up the eSports community in Thailand actively and is the pride of the Thais in the end." Mr. Pratthana said.